reboot2017header_resized_3Get published in the Fall/Winter 2017-2018 Reboot issue of Third Space: Journal of Diaspora and Transnational Studies!

Whether you’re in your junior year or senior year, any past/current work from DTS core classes, Group A or B classes, and/or projects relevant to diaspora studies are welcome!

The theme for our Reboot issue is “(Un)bounded Possibility, Technospheres and Digital Futures.” This can be written and/or creative work(s) on topics such as: digital diaspora, nostalgia, cultural memory, national and imaginary borders, cyberspace, realities, social media, and futures.

This can include work(s) on:

  • Music and diasporas
  • Film and diasporas
  • New technologies and new ways of being
  • Social media and politicization
  • Movement of ideas via the web
  • Digital archives and memory


The guidelines for written submissions are as follows:
-Essays (max. twenty pages including references)
-Book, art, film, music reviews (max. 3500 words)
-Short stories (max. 5000 words)
-Poems (max. five entries unless part of a series or collection)

Deadline to submit your work is December 15, 2017!

Get in touch with us through the contact form here or email us at for any inquiries or concerns.