1-1 Re/bound: Towards Home, Hope, and a Prefigurative Politics

Section 1: Migration, Labor, and the (re)Making of Homes

Unmasking Michael Ondaatje in In the Skin of a Lion 
Kwasi Hoffman

Eating in Near Silence: The Trope of Food in Claire Denis’ 35 Shots of Rum 
Aaditya Aggarwal

Dubai: The Illusion of the City 
Atif Khan

Public Debates on Canada’s Refugee Policy: A Look at the Past 40 Years 
Yasmeen Emadi

The Forgotten Youth: A Walkthrough of the Homestay Program in Canada 
Rachel Jiam

What Counts as Work? Labor and the Canadian Census 
Katie Laqua

Section 2: On Nostalgia, Loss, and Yearning

Nostalgia Venues and the Importance of Context 
Glenda Orila

Hyphentity: Exploring Canadian Biculturalism in Second-Generation Diasporics 
Rochelle Mather

Fiddler on the Roof: A Nostalgic Portrayal of the Jewish Diaspora 
Janessa Duran

Conditional Living With Loss in a Postcolonial World 
Basma Deef

Section 3: Racialization, Subjectivity, and Neocolonial Entanglements

Palestinian Women’s Resistance Movements: Past and Present 
Joanna Abdulhamid

Can I Buy My Way Out of AIDS?: Race, Capitalism, and South Park 
Shudipta Shabnam Islam

“Excuse Me While I Light My Spliff”: An Examination of the Caribbean’s Involvement in Marijuana Production and the Drug Trade 
Jasmine Homer

The Mongol Hazaras in Afghanistan
Rasa Sarwari

Where Go The Rastafarians?: A Sociological Inquiry
Liam Turnbull

Making Up People: The Creation of Categories and People Within Them
Dalal Badawi